Global Partners

FrontPoint Systems, a global web solutions provider has forged ahead with its idea of “Concept-to-Completion” with alliances and offices in USA, India and Europe.  Our technology and expertise is being sought after in cities from Atlanta to Zurich.

FrontPoint Systems, USA offers the technology and hosting infrastructure to serve our clients. Our presence in the hub of information technology allows us to offer cutting-edge, innovative solutions to our global client base. Our web servers are connected via multiple T3 lines to all the major carriers and gateways giving our clients instant access to their sites from across the globe and guaranteed bandwidth and availability. FrontPoint Systems has also set up marketing offices in New Jersey to offer solutions to the large North American market.

FrontPoint Systems launched its European operations with a bang by designing and launching the first multi-lingual, real-time B2B marketplace for the $45 billion Electrical/Electronics marketplace in Italy. This project was executed in collaboration with the leader in the Italian Electrical industrial market. It has given us a foothold in the virgin European e-solutions market. FrontPoint’s first establishment in Europe commenced operations in December 1999 in Torino.


FrontPoint has created a Global Solutions Delivery strategy, a comprehensive set of partner marketing programs, to jointly promote FrontPoint and its partners’ products and services to increase brand awareness and lead generation. The FrontPoint Global Solutions Delivery strategy is designed to generate market awareness, sales opportunities, and revenue for the program participants. The program features a jointly funded marketing pool and an annual go-to-market plan that delivers activities specific to each partner. Together, participants leverage each other’s strengths to gain customers and market share in the high growth Business to Business e-commerce Market.

The program offers three levels of participation: Silver, Gold and Platinum. At each level, the partner is required to make an investment in joint marketing and sales. This investment goes to fund activities in four areas:

Alliance Management

Joint Sales Activity

Core Marketing Activities

Custom Program

Items 1 through 3, Alliance Management, Sales Activities and Core Marketing Activities, provide each partner access to FrontPoint Marketing and Sales and specific programs. FrontPoint has found to be of great value in every alliance. This portion of the program cannot be changed; however, additional partner-specific activities can be added under item 4.

Item 4, the Custom Program, enables FrontPoint and each partner to create and execute a co-marketing plan with partner-specific marketing activities. In this area, FrontPoint and the partner identify and plan activities specific to the needs of that partner.