Our Story

FrontPoint Systems traces its beginnings to September 1995  – a “pre-historic” time in the internet era.  A time when the web as we know it today was scarcely a year old. Amazon and Yahoo had just been founded in the USA and Google did not exist. There were just a few hundred dial-up Internet connections in India. A time when the Internet was a concept, a passing fad for most companies.

A Harvard MBA from USA returning to India, wanted some expert advice and assistance in launching one of the first web-design and hosting companies in India and also an Indian “e-zine” on the web. He sought the help of our founder – Arun Shroff based in New Jersey, USA, who helped him launch one of the earliest Indian webssites, hosted on one of the first dedicated web servers owned and operated by an Indian company in the US.

However, this new Internet design studio based out of India was just a little ahead of its times. The promise of this new technology sweeping across corporate America was lost on its Indian counterparts. In the meantime, FrontPoint Systems was incorporated to provide continued technology support to the new startup and to many of the early clients in the Indian market.

FrontPoint Systems is, in this sense, a pioneer among Indian Internet companies – and is very proud of it. Those early years helped us sharpen our skills and increase our understanding of the myriad new, exciting technologies that were emerging every day.

FrontPoint has clients across a diverse spectrum of industries and sectors including Healthcare, Travel, E-Commerce, Communications, Publishing, Non-Profits and internet and technology startups.

Today, FrontPoint Systems has become a true concept-to completion web solutions company. We offer the entire range of services from conceptualizing to designing, programming, hosting and maintaining websites and applications for our clients.