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AI/ML / Application


Xtend.AI is a  division of FrontPoint Systems, specializing in AI/ML solutions addressing challenges in various domains including health, education, energy, and business. FrontPoint Systems supports and manages the technological backbone of Xtend.AI, overseeing the hosting and infrastructure while aiding in the design, development, and deployment of AI-based solutions.


The primary objective is to leverage cutting-edge AI technologies to develop solutions that can solve complex problems in various domains. This entails creating a robust and scalable infrastructure that can host AI applications, ensuring they are high-performing and able to meet the demands of different industries.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Solution Design and Development

    • AI Model Development: Utilizing AI frameworks like PyTorch, Fast.ai, and Keras for developing advanced AI models that form the core of the solutions.
    • Data Analysis and Processing: Leveraging Python and Jupyter Notebook for data analysis and processing, essential in crafting data-driven AI solutions.
  2. Backend Development

    • API Development: Employing Flask and Node.js for the development of secure and efficient APIs, facilitating the integration of AI solutions with existing systems.
    • Database Management: Utilizing MongoDB for database management, ensuring secure and efficient storage and retrieval of data.
  3. Infrastructure Management

    • Hosting and Deployment: Leveraging Linux and NGINX for hosting and deploying the AI solutions, creating a secure and stable environment for the applications.
    • Cache Management: Utilizing Redis for efficient cache management, enhancing the performance of the applications by reducing the database load.


  • Innovative Solutions: Crafted innovative AI-based solutions addressing complex problems in health, education, energy, and business domains.
  • Robust Infrastructure: Established a robust infrastructure capable of supporting sophisticated AI applications, ensuring high performance and security.


Through the harmonious integration of advanced technologies, FrontPoint Systems and its division Xtend.AI have pioneered in the creation  innovative AI-based solutions in various domains. Leveraging deep expertise in AI and robust infrastructure support, they have crafted solutions that not only address current industry challenges but also pave the way for future advancements in AI technology.


FrontPoint Systems engaged a range of modern technologies to foster the development and deployment of AI solutions, which include:

  • PyTorch, Fast.ai, Keras: Leveraged for developing sophisticated AI models, offering a rich environment for deep learning and AI solution development.
  • Python and Jupyter Notebook: Utilized for data analysis and processing, forming the groundwork for creating data-driven AI solutions.
  • Flask and Node.js: Employed for backend development, facilitating the creation of robust APIs and server-side applications.
  • NGINX and Linux: Formed the infrastructure backbone, ensuring a secure and scalable environment for hosting AI applications.
  • MongoDB: Utilized for database management, offering a flexible and performance-oriented database solution.
  • Redis: Incorporated for cache management, enhancing application performance by reducing the database load.