Web Services

Until recently, the Internet was about the creation of business and e-commerce systems, and it was dominated by web sites and store fronts. We have now entered the next Internet evolution: the proliferation of web services and APIs that talk to each other. Web services are modular, nimble, electronic services that perform work, achieve tasks, or complete transactions. Almost any asset can be turned into a web service and offered via the Internet to drive new revenue streams and create new efficiencies.

FrontPoint Systems have already begun offering specific web services that are being used by the businesses and consumers at the forefront of the web services economy. Web services are real and they are available today. You can use them to rethink a business process, deploy an application, collaborate in a new way, or to plan a trip.

Use this directory to learn about selected e-services and to link to certain companies whom we have provided the same.

E-services come in many shapes and sizes. To help you select the best e-service for your particular needs we have organized selected e-services into the following categories:

  • Consumer Portals
  • Employee Portals
  • Trading Portals
  • Publishing
  • IT Infrastructure
  • General Business
  • Vertical Industries
  • Consumer Portals

It’s not all business in the web services world. Web services, targeted at making the lives of consumers easier, more efficient, and more fun are beginning to emerge. Explore this category to discover consumer-oriented e-services.

Trading Portals

Web services on trading portals deliver a wide range of functions such as the dynamic aggregation of hundreds of thousands of products from thousands of different vendors. They provide advanced market-maker services such as bidding, reverse auctions, and collective bidding. Some provide direct -service to service connections, so that business ERP systems can connect directly to portal-based procurement services. Others replace traditional manual business processes for purchase order routing and approval with completely automated services. Trading portals that deploy services deliver a long list of benefits to businesses – streamlined supply chains, lighter IT, faster reaction times, and reduced costs – to name just a few.

Portal Solutions

FrontPoint offers flexible, complete portal ecosystems—at Web speed—for e-commerce, trading communities, and information portals. FrontPoint has a unique approach to building, deploying, and supporting portal solutions.


Publishing has come a long way from the days of letterpresses and typewriters, and today is being increasingly automated and expanded with digital printing solutions that integrate new technologies and capitalize on the explosive growth of the Internet and mobile devices.

For publishers looking to meet consumer demand for mobile news and information, FrontPoint media publishing services enable the delivery of customized publications to wireless Internet appliances such as Web-enabled phones, hand-helds and laptops. Serving as a single solution for publishers, FrontPoint will leverage its innovative technology and strong infrastructure to stay one step ahead of the growing demand for wireless news and personalized products.

IT Infrastructure

Businesses now have a new opportunity to rethink fundamental aspects of IT. One of the key capabilities within web services, apps-on-tap, can also be applied to elements of a business’ IT infrastructure. For example, messaging/email can now be provided to the employees of an enterprise using an ‘apps-on-tap’ model. This frees time and money for the IT organization to invest elsewhere – into areas that can better serve their customers and their partners. Explore this category for IT infrastructure e-services.

General Business

The world of services enables businesses to be more nimble and cost-effective. Services are available in a number of forms to help you streamline supply chains, automate business processes, and ultimately, better serve your customers. Some services are available as apps-on-tap to give you a more efficient method to deploy applications. Other services are available on business portals that enable new ways to improve efficiency. Explore this category to discover business services and business-oriented portals in areas such as ERP, sales force automation, engineering automation, and training.

Vertical Industries

Web services solutions exist that are tailored to meet the needs of specific vertical industries. Explore this category for e-services targeted at travel, medical, and other industries.