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Web Design/Application/Mobile App


FrontPoint has been an indispensable technology partner and service provider for the MOHAN Foundation, India’s foremost NGO championing the cause of organ donation. Since the inception of the foundation, we have facilitated a range of services including managed hosting, scaling the site to accommodate fluctuating traffic volumes, and steering their social media, pay-per-click, and Google Ad Grant campaigns to success.


The central objective was to construct a resilient and high-performance digital ecosystem for the MOHAN Foundation, a platform that could reliably disseminate information about organ donation, host a myriad of resources, and spearhead online campaigns to amplify the reach and impact of the foundation’s initiatives.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Infrastructure Management

    • Managed Hosting: Leveraging Linux and Apache for a stable and secure hosting environment, complemented by Microsoft IIS for seamless web server functionalities.
    • Scaling: Employing NGINX and HAProxy for efficient load balancing, ensuring the site remains responsive even during spikes in traffic.
  2. Website Development and Maintenance

    • Development: Utilizing ASP and ASP.NET frameworks for dynamic website development, fostering a platform that is both robust and user-friendly.
    • Content Management: Leveraging WordPress for effortless content management, facilitating the regular update of informative articles, resources, and news.
  3. Database Management

    • SQL Server: Implementing SQL Server for a reliable and efficient database management system, ensuring smooth storage and retrieval of data.
  4. Digital Marketing

    • Social Media and PPC Campaigns: Handling comprehensive social media strategies and pay-per-click campaigns to enhance the foundation’s online presence and engagement.
    • Google Ad Grant Campaigns: Managing Google Ad Grant campaigns adeptly to maximize the utilization of the grant in promoting the foundation’s initiatives.
  5. Email Campaigns

    • Mailchimp: Utilizing Mailchimp for orchestrated email campaigns, leveraging its tools for creating, sending, and analyzing email campaigns to foster greater engagement with the foundation’s audience.


  • Scalability: Successfully scaled the website to handle fluctuating traffic volumes, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Campaign Management: Effectively handled a range of online campaigns, significantly enhancing the online presence and impact of the foundation’s initiatives.


FrontPoint has been at the heart of the MOHAN Foundation’s digital journey, providing technology solutions that have propelled the foundation to a leading position in promoting the cause of organ donation in India. Through a harmonious blend of various technologies, we have crafted a digital ecosystem that stands as a beacon of information and a catalyst for change in the organ donation landscape.



To craft a robust and efficient digital ecosystem for the MOHAN Foundation, we used a diverse technology stack which included:

  • Microsoft IIS: Serving as a vital part of the web server platform, ensuring stable and secure hosting services.
  • ASP and ASP.NET: Leveraged for dynamic website development, offering a powerful framework for crafting a user-friendly platform.
  • SQL Server: Utilized for robust database management, ensuring secure and efficient handling of data.
  • NGINX and HAProxy: Implemented for load balancing to manage high traffic volumes effectively, ensuring optimal site performance at all times.
  • WordPress: Employed for content management, facilitating easy updates and management of the site’s rich content repository.
  • Linux and Apache: Used in conjunction to offer a stable and secure hosting environment, providing the foundation for the website’s operations.
  • Mailchimp: Leveraged for email campaign management, offering tools for the creation, dispatch, and analysis of email campaigns to enhance audience engagement.