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AI/ML / Application


Speechly.AI is a service that leverages AI/ML technologies to convert text into natural-sounding speech. Its backbone is a high-performance Text-to-Speech (TTS) conversion engine, which supports a wide variety of voices – offering access to over 660 voices in 82 different languages.


The primary goal was to develop a reliable TTS service that can cater to a global user base by supporting a wide variety of languages and offering a large selection of voices. The service aims to provide natural-sounding speech, enhancing user experience in various applications that require voice output.


  • Extensive Voice and Language Support: The service offers a large selection of voices, supporting 660 voices across 82 languages, to cater to a diverse user base.
  • Natural-Sounding Speech: Developed a TTS engine capable of converting text to speech that sounds natural and realistic.


Speechly.AI is a practical solution in the TTS market, providing a service that supports a large array of voices and languages. Utilizing a range of technologies, the service manages to offer natural-sounding speech synthesis, meeting the needs of users across different regions and preferences.


The development and operation of Speechly.AI involved the following technologies:

  • Keras and Python: Used to develop the deep learning models central to the TTS engine.
  • Nginx and Apache: Set up to manage the server environment, ensuring secure and reliable hosting.
  • Flask and Node.js: Utilized for backend development, facilitating the creation of a robust API.
  • Redis: Implemented to manage cache efficiently, promoting faster data retrieval and improved performance.
  • MongoDB: Served as the database management system, overseeing secure and efficient handling of extensive voice and language data.
  • Linux: Functioned as the operating system, providing a stable and secure environment for the service infrastructure.