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NGOs / Nonprofits


MOHAN USA, a distinguished US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, commits itself to foster organ donation awareness among the South Asian community in the USA. FrontPoint has been a key technology partner and solution provider, spearheading the site design and hosting services to facilitate MOHAN USA’s noble initiative.


The chief objective of this collaboration was to carve out a digital space that could effectively mirror the ethos of MOHAN USA, offering a platform that is not only informative but also inspiring, encouraging more individuals to participate in the life-saving act of organ donation.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Website Design

    • User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI): Crafting a user-centric design focusing on delivering an intuitive and engaging user experience.
    • Content Integration: Facilitating seamless integration of a rich repository of content including articles, testimonials, and multimedia elements that narrate the stories of organ donors and recipients.
  2. Website Development

    • WordPress and PHP: Leveraging WordPress powered by PHP for dynamic website development, creating a platform that is both robust and user-friendly, allowing for easy content updates and management.
  3. Infrastructure Management

    • Hosting and Server Management: Employing Linux and Apache to construct a secure and stable hosting environment, assuring uninterrupted service and a seamless user experience.


  • Engaging Website: Successfully developed an engaging website that beautifully encapsulates the mission and activities of MOHAN USA, encouraging users to explore and engage with the content.
  • Stable Infrastructure: Established a stable and secure hosting infrastructure, providing a seamless browsing experience to the users.


Serving as the technology backbone, FrontPoint has facilitated MOHAN USA in crafting a digital narrative that resonates with the compassionate cause of promoting organ donation. Through a harmonious blend of technology and expertise, we have sculpted a platform that stands as a beacon of hope, encouraging more individuals to come forward and make a difference in the lives of others through organ donation.


To bring MOHAN USA’s vision to life digitally, FrontPoint employed a selection of established technologies including:

  • Apache: Utilized as the HTTP server, facilitating a reliable and secure environment for the website.
  • PHP: Leveraged as the server-side scripting language, working in conjunction with WordPress to create a dynamic and interactive website.
  • WordPress: The CMS of choice for the development, facilitating easy content management and offering a range of features to build a responsive and attractive website.
  • Linux: Employed as the operating system for the server, ensuring stability and security in the hosting infrastructure.