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Design / Development


PhyzBiz carved out a niche as a pioneering force in offering a cloud-based practice management system tailored to meet the multi-faceted needs of physicians. FrontPoint took the reins as the technology solutions provider, going above and beyond to develop an application that encapsulates a broad spectrum of functionalities including patient management, appointment scheduling, billing, and health insurance claims processing, alongside a suite of administrative and reporting features.


The goal was to craft a one-stop solution that could streamline the administrative and operational workflows of physicians, offering a centralized platform that integrates all vital components of practice management, enhancing efficiency, and fostering a seamless healthcare delivery system.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Application Development

    • Backend Development: Utilizing ASP.NET for robust backend development, crafting a secure and high-performance application.
    • Database Management: Leveraging Oracle and MS SQL for sophisticated database management, ensuring secure and efficient handling of a large array of data.
  2. Infrastructure Management

    • Hosting: Employing IIS and Windows Server to create a stable and secure hosting environment, ensuring uninterrupted service and a seamless user experience.
  3. Feature Integration

    • Patient Management and Encounters: Developing functionalities for comprehensive patient management, including tracking patient encounters and maintaining detailed patient records.
    • Appointment Scheduling: Crafting a feature for easy scheduling and management of appointments, enhancing convenience for both patients and physicians.
    • Billing and Insurance Claims Processing: Integrating features for streamlined billing processes and efficient handling of health insurance claims, reducing administrative burden and improving revenue cycle management.


  • Comprehensive Solution: Successfully crafted a comprehensive cloud-based practice management system that caters to all the essential operational and administrative needs of physicians.
  • Streamlined Operations: Enabled physicians to streamline their operations, offering a centralized platform for a multitude of functionalities, thereby enhancing efficiency and productivity.


Through a meticulous approach to development, FrontPoint spearheaded the creation of a pioneering practice management system for PhyzBiz. Leveraging a harmony of advanced technologies, we fostered a solution that stands as a cornerstone in facilitating efficient and seamless operations for physicians, promising a harmonized healthcare delivery system.


FrontPoint employed a combination of technologies to develop the PhyzBiz practice management system, including:

  • ASP.NET: Leveraged as the foundational framework for the development of the application, facilitating the creation of a dynamic and secure environment.
  • Oracle and MS SQL: Utilized for robust database management, overseeing the storage and retrieval of vast quantities of data efficiently and securely.
  • IIS: Implemented as the web server platform, offering a reliable and scalable environment for hosting the application.
  • Windows Server: Employed to host the application, offering a secure and stable infrastructure, ensuring high availability and performance.